Andi Van Photography | About

Thank you for visiting my photography site. I am Andi Vantrees, also known as simply Andi Van. I have loved photography for quite some time, since the days of film. I recall taking photography classes in high school and learning to develop my own photos. Now, with digital photography, my "developing" does come a bit easier, but I will always love the dark room era.

I am a Nikon girl, specializing in Portraiture, Wedding and Engagement, Destination, and Landscape photography. I love to take nature walks and look for interesting things to photograph.

I am a mother to 3 wonderful young men. They bring joy to my world almost daily. They have been my most used models throughout my photography years. I also own a very cute Chihuahua, named Zeus. My partner is Janet, and she has 2 beautiful little girls that are becoming some of my fave models as of late.

Feel free to contact me via my "Contact" link above. I would love to discuss your photography needs with you.